Frequently Asked Questions

Among the frequently asked questions about hair transplantation is first; how long the operation will take. The duration of operations may vary depending on the number of grafts taken and the technique applied. Based on an average operation; hair transplantation operations vary between 6-8 hours.

The hair follicles placed in the area to be transplanted are the grafts that belong to the patients. It is not possible to use a hair lynx taken from someone else in hair transplantation. The grafts used are usually taken from the nape of the patient. In cases that area is not sufficient, it is possible to make the chest or chin area the donor. But the first choice is always the nape area.

FUE is one of the most known and frequently preferred techniques in hair transplantation. After the patient's entire hair is shortened to 3mm long, the donor area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Grafts loosened by a device called a micro-motor are collected with a tool similar to a tweezer.By numbing the area to be planted, the channels through which the roots will be placed are opened using blades. When collected, the grafts with some tissue pieces separated from the tissue pieces and placed in the remaining hair follicles channels. At the last stage, the donor area is closed by dressing.

Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be applied in all seasons. However, it is necessary to protect the transplanted area from exposure to direct sunlight,especially in the recovery period after the procedures applies in the summer months.

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