Hair loss and baldness are often an overly big problem for men. The loss of hair, which is very important in terms of appearance, can cause the person to experience some psychological problems. However, with the development of medical science, hair loss has ceased to be a major problem. Hair transplantation applications are tried by many people today and give satisfactory results.

This is a procedure performed for hair loss caused by reasons such as genetics, disease or accident. It is aimed to re-grow hair in a healthy way. Hair transplant, which develops through to today technology, is preferred by many people and the results are highly positive.


Hair transplantation surgery is a much simpler and less problematic surgery compared to other aesthetic surgeries. Surgery usually occurs when the roots taken from the back of the head are moved to the area where hair loss occurs. In some cases, root can be taken from the chest, leg or arm.

In hair transplantation surgery, the roots in the nape area are preferred the most. Hair follicles in the nape area of men are susceptible to the hormone DHT, so loss is less experienced. However, since there is no area where hair does not fall out in women, it is seen that the hair transplantation process applied in women has a less chance of success compared to men.


Since the skin will become sensitive after the operation, it is very important to protect the select skin in the first weeks and serious measures should be taken for this. Since the planted hair roots will be a retention process, it is necessary not to be in dusty and dirty environments, to avoid alcohol and cigarettes, not to do activities that will tire you, not to put any substances other than those the doctor will give you into contact with the scalp. You cannot wash your hair for the first two days after the transplant. Hair washing is done in the hair plant center at the end of the third day.

It is very normal to have red spots or crusting in the area after the procedure, there is no need for the patient to worry. However,if the crusting process continues for a long time, it should be shown to the doctor so that it doesnt prevent hair growth.

The first process of transplantation operation ends after a few weeks, and the second process begins; this process continues for six months, weak hair falls out and new hair begins to grow. In the second process of transplant, the person needs to be careful not to do some things. It is very important not to enter the sea or pool, not to shower with too hot water, to avoid high pressure water and not to use hair products such as spray, wax, jelly. After 6-9 months of hair transplantation, most of the hair is out. It is required to wait 1 year for the hair to come out completely.

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