As is known, Sapphire is famous for its preciousness, hardness, durability and brightness.

In addition to the FUE technique, one of the most modern and widely used techniques that comes with advanced technologies is sapphire hair transplantation technique. More natural results are obtained in operations performed with sapphire hair transplantation technique. After local anesthesia is applied to the donor area of the patient,FUE technique is applied and hair follicles are collected one by one with micro motors. Extracted hair follicles are planted in the incision area opened by Sapphire technique

After the hair follicles are removed, small channels are opened with sapphire technique in order to plant the taken föliküls in the area where hair loss occurs. Channels are of great importance for the direction in which the hair will come out. Channels opened for a successful hair transplantation process are very important. Therefore, it is recommended to use three bladed sapphir tools in the duct opening process.

In hair transplantation operation, the channels are opened very well with sapphir technique. Since the touch of sapphir blades to the skin is thinner and more careful, the contact of the grafts with the outer part is quite reduced. The healing process is also much shorter in the operations carried out with sapphiir FUE hair transplantation.


Vibration during the opening of the channel on the scalp is minimized owing to the sapphir blade. This is because the sapphire blade is hard. In this way, the risk of any damage to the tissue is minimized.

Performing hair transplant with sapphir technique makes hair grow naturally.

If hair transplant surgery is aplied with sapphir technique, the edema level will be lower. Therefore, the patient can continue own life comfortably after the operation.

All channels opened by Sapphire transplantation,opened in the same hair follicles. Therefore, it is not the case that the follicles planted during the operation are dislodged later or their angle changes.

The channels opened by sapphire blades are opened with very small cuts.This is not only allows the tissues to heal quickly, also keeps the skin soft.

Sapphire transplantation provides more hair density.Since sapphire blades are used,the hair looks denser and this will make that will grow out look more natural.

The biggest advantage of using sapphir hair transplantation technique in operation is that it reduces the traumas to be experienced. Reduces the risk of problems that are likely to appear in other techniques. This is due to the qualities that sapphir blades have. Sapphir blades have antibacterial, smooth surfaces. Compared to other duct opening techniques, sapphir blades are more durable and sharper.

FUE (Folicile Unit Estraction) hair transplantation technique is the most popular method of hair transplant operation.It has a history of more than 12 years. It is the most used hair transplantation method worldwide. Hair transplantation methods have improved and continue to develop over the years. Foliculer Unit Extraction using sapphire hair transplantation technique gives excellent results.Sapphire hair transplantation technique is the best option if you are having hair loss and want a natural image afer the operation.

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