Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that is common in young men. Hair loss that occurs suddenly in the patient’s hair and causes regional baldness is the characteristic feature of this disease. Easily noticeable hair shedding is oval or round and adversely affects the social life of the person. It can be seen that the hair grows back in the area where there is alopecia, but there is also continuous alopecia.

This disorder, which occurs regardless of age and gender, is more common in young men. Although it is also rare in women, it is more seen in men. Since it is more difficult for men to hide it, which is noticed. The cause of alopecia, which restricts and complicates the person’s life both socially and psychologically, is not yet known for sure. Many conditions can trigger alopecia, but it’s often thought to be caused by autoimmune causes. It is known that this situation, which occurs when the body perceives its cells and tissues as foreign, prevents hair growth and leads to hair loss. In addition, genetics and heredity are caused in some cases. The incidence of alopecia in the children of a parent with alopecia is also quite high. Even though the cause is not exactly known, some conditions are thought to trigger alopecia.

It is thought that there is no need to look for an extra condition for the diagnostic signs of alopecia. This disorder, which occurs in a typical way, is easily noticed by the patient and their relatives. However, an expert should be consulted to start treatment and stop the progression of alopecia. The main goal of alopecia treatment, which is usually performed by a skin disease expert, is to stop the progression and reduce the severity of the symptoms. If the severity of the disease is mild, it is possible to get results after a short treatment. Especially in these cases, it is observed that the hair begins to grow again. If the disease has reached more advanced levels, the treatment is carried out with steroid-group drugs. These drugs, which can be used as creams or injectors, generally end up with effective results. In this case, it is quite important to work with a reliable clinic and an expert in this field.