Dental Implant

Dental aesthetics is the name given to dental interventions that cause problems in terms of the appearance of the teeth or health. The tooth is an important part that affects a person’s smile and appearance. Everyone who dreams of a beautiful smile has dental aesthetics.

Patients who want their teeth to be white, aligned and healthy are treated with anesthesia without any pain or suffering. Dental implants, which are generally used in the absence of teeth, are performed with the implant applied to the jawbone without any effect on the neighboring teeth. After this procedure, the implant is expected to settle completely within 3 months. According to the number of teeth, the intervention time increases.

One of the dental interventions performed in a single session is Laminated tooth veneer. It is also called ceramic bridge and porcelain filling application. The veneers, which are printed in 3D as desired by the person, are applied to the person and the process is completed. The person can have the desired teeth in a single session.

Another dental intervention is known as teeth whitening. Teeth whitening operation is performed for people who are disturbed by yellowing teeth. During the procedure, which lasts approximately 45 minutes, the person’s tooth is cleaned and a special gel is applied, then the teeth are whitened thanks to the laser light applied to the tooth. You can have 2 to 3 tones whiter teeth in a single session.