Forehead Lift

Our eyes and eyebrows are the focal point of our face. Therefore, although the eyelids need to be intervened in order to beautify the upper part of the face, this can be achieved with the forehead lift operation. As a result of aging, sagging of the forehead skin occurs. In order to prevent this, forehead lift operation is performed.

There are two techniques in the forehead lift operation, the first is that the excess forehead skin is cut from the inside of the hair and between the two temples. Then the forehead is stretched upwards and the skin is tightened. The second one is Endoscopic forehead lift operation. In this operation,

1.5 to 2 cm incisions are made on the right and left temples and forehead, leaving the skin inside the hair.
A 0.5 cm camera is placed in one of these incisions, and the other incisions are processed with instruments specially produced for endoscopic surgical operations. With the help of tools, the muscles under the skin are separated from the part they are attached to, and some of the muscles that cause downward sagging are removed. Then the separated skin is fixed upwards.

It is normal to have bruises and swellings in the lower part of the eyes after the surgery. Head wraps can also be used depending on the patient’s condition. The person can return to his/her daily life within 10 days.