Care After Hair Transplant

To obtain successful results from a hair transplant operation there are some points to be considered both before and after the operation. The care after a hair transplant is generally considered an important process the patient should follow the expert’s recommendations.

When it comes to caring for hair transplant, the first thing is the protection of the donor and intervention area. The protection of these areas during all activities performed in daily life is very effective in achieving the success of the operation. For instance, it is necessary to be careful when washing the scalp, protecting the hair from the sun, as well as sleeping positions and avoiding impacts. The more the patient pays attention to their daily life after the operation, the shorter the recovery period will be and they will have natural hair.

This step, which is referred to as care after the operation, usually covers the first three months. The patient should be more careful than usual in the first 3 months and take the necessary precautions in daily activities. During this period, the patient should use the shampoos and creams recommended by the expert and stay away from various chemicals that may damage the scalp. Generally, washing the hair after transplant is allowed on the 4th-5th day. Caring for the scalp with any cleaning material before will reduce the effectiveness of the operation.

As mentioned, the care after a hair transplant is at least as important as the operation itself. No matter how successful the operation is performed, its effectiveness depends on the patient’s attention to care after the operation. Therefore, experts should inform the patient of the issue immediately after the procedure and clearly express their suggestions and prohibitions to the patient.

Other issues that experts insist on are as follows;

  • During the first 3 days, heavy activities such as sports should not be done.
  • During the first 7 days, places such as sauna, hammam and swimming pool should not be used.
  • Cream, jelly and hair spray can only be used after 15 days.
  • In the first month after a hair transplant, direct exposure to sunlight, traumatizing events and impacts should be avoided.
  • In daily activities, the patient should be careful for about 6 months and routine doctor controls should not be ignored.