What are the effects of Epigenetics on hair loss?

People generally associate all hair loss with genetic factors. So, how true is this? Is it really genetic? And nothing to do with it? First of all, let’s examine what exactly epigenetics is.

What is Epigenetics?

The term epigenetics is used in biology as the science that includes changes in gene expression that are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence, but are also hereditary.

Through epigenetic mechanisms, parents can transmit the effects of the environment they have lived through to their children and even to their grandchildren who will come a few generations later. Although we do not want to blow your mind by expressing detailed explanations of epigenetic mechanisms here, let’s talk about the main lines, albeit partially.

DNA methylation, also known as the addition of chemical methyl to DNA, causes the expression of the relevant gene to change, apart from suppressing the methylation of DNA. With the help of these mechanisms, the change of gene expression is affected by environmental conditions in parallel, and the epigenome can change even if the DNA sequence of the individual, in other words, the genome does not change. When we look at identical twins with the same genome, the fact that the epigenetic profiles are completely different shows that these mechanisms are more active than previously thought, and apart from all these, they may be effective in heredity.

The scientific explanation above also shows that it directly affects epigenetic hair loss. So, is this incurable?

Is epigenetic therapy possible?

With the developing technology, this is now possible. You can treat epigenetics. However, the most important method you should pay attention to here is to wait for the hair to regrow as part of the Epigenetic treatment method. The treatment is all about protecting the hair. It aims to eliminate existing hair loss.

Within the scope of epigenetic treatment, the causes of hair loss are examined one by one. Undesirable conditions such as environmental factors, stress, genetic factors are the most common causes. With the elimination of these reasons, hair loss is greatly reduced. Keratin is the most common system when using the epigenetic treatment method. Increasing the amount of keratin is one of the factors that minimizes the rate of hair loss.