How Is The Treatment Process After Hair Transplantation?

Apart from the importance of proper hair transplantation, the treatment and healing process after hair transplantation is also of great importance. It is very important for the transplanted individual to comply with what the physician wants to implement within the scope of treatment recommendations. Otherwise, it is not possible for the planting to be successful and the desired result to be achieved. There are rules that must be followed for a few days after hair transplantation. One of them is the regular use of drugs and solutions that the doctor wants to use after the operation.

What should be considered in the Treatment Process After Hair Transplantation?

The Treatment Process after Hair Transplantation is carried out under the supervision of a physician. However, we cannot pass without mentioning the healthiest and most applied methods.

  • It is very important that the head does not sweat, especially in the first 3 days after hair transplantation.
  • You need to avoid stress as much as possible.
  • You need to obtain the solutions that the doctor recommends to you and use them at the rate s/he mentions.
  • You should use the antibiotic drug that you are told to drink regularly, without delaying even a minute.
  • If you feel a lot of pain or ache, you can take the painkiller recommended by your doctor.

The first 3 days of hair transplantation are extremely important. In this process, it is absolutely essential that you do not touch your head with water. Unless there is an extreme situation after hair transplantation, the person who is transplanted is usually invited to the clinic for dressing by the physician. While dressing is being done here, the doctor also examines. After the 3-day process, it informs about how to wash the hair and the rules to be followed.

You should definitely avoid stress during the treatment. You also have to avoid the sun to prevent sweating. If you have to go out, it will be to your advantage to prefer cotton hats that will prevent sweating. Also, don’t always put your hand on your head. Always keep in mind that you have a head wound. This is a completely open wound. Putting your hand on your head causes the germs on your hand to come into contact with your head. The microbes here will also combine with the open wound on your head, increasing your chances of getting an infection. Therefore, you should complete the treatment process as much as possible without touching your head, sweating or touching water.