Hair Loss

Although hair loss derives from genetic aspects, it may also occur for many different reasons. For instance, vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body, short-term diseases, intestinal parasites, hormone disorders and side effects of the drugs cause hair loss. At the same time, psychological problems such as intense depression, stress and anxiety can also trigger hair loss. However, if hair loss becomes intensive and continuous, it is considered a problem. According to experts, it is normal for 100-150 strands to shed per day due to washing and combing. If there is hair loss more than this, it becomes a problem and consulting an expert is mandatory.

It is possible to prevent hair loss after the first symptoms up to a certain point. People are usually advised to take care of their hair in a way that allows the follicles to breathe. Washing the scalp at regular intervals, ensuring its regular cleaning and rubbing it with gentle movements during baths are some of the issues to be considered during hair care. Additionally, it is effective to be selective about shampoos. Shampoos with intense chemicals prevent the scalp from breathing and cause hair loss. Choosing shampoos with natural ingredients will be effective.

If the changes mentioned above are not effective, patients may prefer to seek help from experts. In such cases, the operations to be carried out vary. The most appropriate method that can be implemented is combined with what the patient needs and the operation starts. For instance, if the expert thinks that there will be effective results by strengthening the follicles, they may use the mesotherapy method. Or they may implement a hair transplant for the patient who has previously undergone the mesotherapy method. The methods to be applied here vary depending entirely on the patient. Not every method can give effective results for each patient. The patient’s need is determined by the analysis made by the expert and the methods that can be effective are implemented.

The achievement drive of each of the methods implemented varies. The competence of the clinic and the expert in the field is quite important. Since the operations to be carried out for hair loss require great care. Otherwise, the target goal cannot be obtained from the operations, the patient may undergo a difficult healing process and wrong operations may cause undesirable results.