The first question of the frequently asked questions about hair transplant is how long the operation will take. The time span of hair transplant process may vary according to the number of grafts taken and the technique applied. Based on an average hair transplantation, it can be said that the process vary between 6 to 8 hours.

FUE is one of the most well-known and most preferred techniques in hair transplant. After the patient’s hair shaved to 3mm long, the local anesthesia is applied to the donor area. The grafts loosened by a device called micromotor are collected with a tool similar to tweezers. The area where the transplant will be done is anesthetized and the channels where the roots will be placed are opened by blades. The grafts with tissues on are separated from the tissue parts and the remaining hair follicles are placed in the canals. In the final phase, the donor area is closed by medical dressing.

Hair transplant is an operation that can be performed all year round. However, for the operations performed in summer, it is necessary to protect the transplanted area from the direct sunlight exposure during the recovery period.

The follicles placed in the transplanted area are the grafts belonging to the patient themselves. Actually, it is not possible to use follicle taken from someone else in hair transplant. The grafts processed are usually taken from the patient’s nape. When the grafts on the nape is not sufficient, it is possible to take donor from the chest or chin of the patient. However, the first choice for the grafts will always the nape.

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