Ağrısız Anestezi

The biggest question mark for people who want to have a hair transplant is whether there is any pain or suffering during the operation. Many people postpone the hair transplant operation since they have concerns and believe that this process will cause great pain. However, the new methods that have emerged thanks to the developing technology allow this operation to be painless.

As with many other surgical procedures, hair transplant operations are performed using painless anesthesia. Painless anesthesia, which constitutes the first stage of the operation, is used to prevent pain during the operation. On anesthesia, which is a very effective method for local numbness, the patient does not even feel the needle. The needle quickly shows its effect and the preliminary preparation for the operation is completed. The quality of the injector used and the professional use of them by the expert is also very important in the preparation process for the operation.

Painless anesthesia is performed using a local anesthesia gun before the operation. The anesthesia contained in the gun is injected under the scalp with the help of microneedles. Thanks to microneedles, the patient does not feel anything. The anesthetic effect is strong and there is no pain in the anesthetized area during the operation. Anesthesia continues to show its effect at all stages of the hair transplant process. In this way, the expert has the opportunity to work comfortably and the patient has no concerns. For the operation to be successful, it is very important that the expert and the patient feel comfortable. An anxious patient and the expert who feels the patient’s anxiety interrupt the success of the operation. Therefore, the painless anesthesia method is often used in hair transplant operations for the comfort of both the patient and the expert.

Along with the anesthesiologist’s examination and approval, painless anesthesia can be performed for all patients who will have a hair transplant. Experts may also show their paces to reduce the feeling of pain during the operation. For instance, being punctual while using required materials, the use of quality products and practically operating the procedures are among the situations that may reduce the feeling of pain during a hair transplant.