What are the Latest Technology Used in Hair Transplantation?

After deciding on hair transplantation, another research subject is the hair transplantation technique to be used. Turkey is one of the most important health institutions in the world for hair transplantation. This causes the most common and valid techniques to be used, and even to be constantly renewed and developed. So, what are these techniques?

FUE Technique

The FUE Technique has been used extensively for the last 15 years, on average, by being continuously expanded. For the hair to be transplanted according to the Fue Technique, the hair is collected one by one from the nape area and supplied to the area to be transplanted. The hair follicles extracted with a method called manual puch or a device called a micro motor specially developed for this method are kept in a cold environment accompanied by a special solution. Then, the process is completed by placing them one by one in the area to be planted. Although the duration of the procedure is longer, this technique is often preferred because it takes a shorter time to recover and return to normal life. Of course, the number to be planted will be in parallel at the rate that can be obtained from the nape region.

DHI Technique

DHI Hair Transplantation method is called Direct Hair Transplant. This technique cannot be used alone, it is used together with the Fue technique. Hair follicles collected within the scope of the Fue technique are transplanted according to the Fue technique. But the biggest difference here is that with a special pen, the canal is opened and the hair transplant is done at the same time. This allows for frequent planting and obtaining a dense appearance. Apart from total hair loss, it is the most preferred method for people with thin hair to tighten their hair.

Robotic Technique

Robotic Technique is the entry of developing technology into the sector. Because it is a system based entirely on technology. In the robotic technique, the collection of hair follicles and replanting are done entirely with the help of computers. The process is completely based on the Fue technique. However, while all processes are carried out manually with human sanction, here all processes are developed under computer control.

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