Why Should I Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

It is perhaps one of the most curious questions of people who decide for hair transplantation and are looking for this procedure. They engage in constant research to make the most accurate and beneficial decision for this procedure, which they will do once in their lives. For this operation, where many people, not only from Turkey but also from abroad, prefer Turkey, there are countless advantages that will make their choice justified.

Why is Turkey the heart of hair transplantation?

There are two different answers to this question. While the first of these can be considered as technological possibilities, the other is the operation fee. Did you know that within the scope of a statistical study, there is a 10 times more difference between the price demanded as a result of hair transplantation in Turkey and the number in America? Or that this process is done for 5 times more on average in Germany? As you can see, people can get the chance to have a hair transplant with very advantageous numbers, even if they come from there and spend days on vacation here. As you can see, there are financial factors behind the fact that they come to Turkey from abroad and have a hair transplant.

In addition to its low price policy, Turkey is able to stand out from the rest with the increase in the level of expertise and the abundance of technological opportunities.  Many surgeons in Turkey go abroad to conduct special research on these issues. The wide market that emerged as a result of the desire of individuals from both domestic and abroad to have hair transplant confirms the desire of different companies to benefit from this market. Companies are constantly investing in order to stay in the sector, so it is inevitable to use the latest technological devices in Turkey.

The excess in the number of operations also brings “operational mastery”. Do you think an individual who has a hair transplant once in 3 days is more experienced or someone who transplants every day? The continuity and existence of the work causes the surgeons who transplant to work in a more conscious and experienced way.

For this reason, Turkey has come to a position that can almost be called the center of the world for hair transplantation. The increase in investments is another factor in the rapid development of the sector.

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